My income has changed. What should I do?

In My Klik voor Kamers you can update your income under 'Personal details'.

Your income is usually based on the information that appears on your personal income statement. This statement is essential if you want to qualify for a room, and you need to upload it to My documents. Your personal income statement shows your income for the previous year.

If your income is higher or lower in the current year, include a number of recent payslips. You can estimate your current gross annual income and enter this in your registration. If you earn more than €22,200 per year, you do not qualify for student accommodation.

Important: you do not need to include contributions from parents, carers and/or DUO.


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By phone

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Neem dan contact op met de corporatie die de woonruimte verhuurd. Je vindt de telefoonnummers in het overzicht van de deelnemende corporaties.   EN